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Highest Quality 100% Human Hair on The Market.

We use 100%  Human Cuticle Remy Hair with healthy cuticles still intact.  Since there is absolutely no damage to cuticles, each cuticle layer is in the same direction. This quality is long lasting, luxurious, and easy to maintain hair your clients will love. Our Hair is hand collected from single donors and inspected in accordance to our strict quality control protocol to ensure that all hair selected is in compliance to the Invisa Hair standards. This also includes hair weight, length, and ratio(hair is even from top to bottom, few short hairs and no stringy ends)

Invisa Hair Methods

The Invisa Hair System uses the following three core methods that have been specifically developed to take hair extension installation to the next level. Unlike many current methods used in the industry, the Invisa Hair System’s seamless design and installation techniques ensures root to tip undetectable hair integration. Invisa Hair methods also supports fast, flexible and most importantly, non damaging installation, maintenance, and removal for clients.


Using micro technology our wefts are light weight and undetectable.

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Using precision technology each strand is designed individually.

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Adhered with a strong but non damaging quick release tape.

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