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We Pride Ourselves in Providing the
Highest Quality Product on the Market.

We have the most undetectable seamless hair extension methods uniquely designed using the latest technology. Invisa Hair is a Canadian based company with more than 30 years experience in the industry. As Experienced successful Hair Extension Technicians and Owners of a extremely successful business we have honed, sourced and created a completely seamless high quality product and methodology.  Our Invisa Hair Membership Technician program was developed to mimic our comprehensive technique, business model, and selectively sourced high quality Cuticle Remy product to guarantee a thriving business opportunity in the Hair Extension Industry. Invisa Hair Technicians will receive all of or Tips, Tricks, Tools and Industry Insider knowledge to advance their careers with our trademarked revolutionary methods and seamless hair extension integration products.

Invisa Hair Methods

The Invisa Hair System uses the following three core methods that have been specifically developed to take hair extension installation to the next level. Unlike many current methods used in the industry, the Invisa Hair System’s seamless design and installation techniques ensures root to tip undetectable hair integration. Invisa Hair methods also supports fast, flexible and most importantly, non damaging installation, maintenance, and removal for clients.


Using micro technology our wefts are light weight and undetectable.

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Using precision technology each strand is designed individually.

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Adhered with a strong but non damaging quick release tape.

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